Merging multiple Wifi AP into single network

i am new to OpenWRT, and i am looking into it because i have a problem to solve.

My house is on three levels and i have thick stone walls. I cannot get a decent wifi signal across the house. I need at least three access points to cover it, and i am fed up with devices losing connection and reconnecting to another AP. The fact that i end up having lots of points where devices just dance around APs.

So i need a better approach. I was looking into mesh, but i heard also of WDS...

Ideally i want a seamless way for my devices to just stay attached to a single network ID while moving trough the house. I can set up like three OpenWRT routers or so to cover the entire house.

Can you guys give me suggestions or ideas on how to proceed?

Are your access points wired to the main router? If so then you want fast roaming (802.11r) which you can do through OpenWRT.


In short, this is my setup:

My ISP (WAN) is connected to a linux box which behaves like a router (kind of OpenWRT, but homemade, since it shares may other house services). This box has a wired network to a main switch (classic gigabit lan switch). This switch has network cables running around the house, each wireless AP is connected to the LAN. On each AP i have disabled dhcp server to get a flat Wifi network.

Basically i need wifi only to access the existing network and services, but without cables. I don't need any service provided by OpenWRT itself.

Whats is fast roaming? Never heard of

It lets clients seamlessly switch between APs that are all running on the same SSID.

Ebabled 802.11r (fast roaming). Amazingly simple to setup and just works.

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