Merge WIKI articles

I always get confused when trying to search on wiki but I see several almost the same articles.
For example for UBUS

or RPCD:

  • /docs/guide-developer/rpcd
  • /docs/techref/rpcd

uhttpd has two articles:

  • /docs/guide-user/services/webserver/http.uhttpd
  • /docs/guide-user/services/webserver/uhttpd

Which are usually not needed for usual users and IMHO it would be better to merge them into one techref article.

Also there is a Mandarin version of the article but with strange taxonomy and absolutely untranslated /zh-cn/doc/uci/uhttpd?s[]=busybox%20httpd and it also occurs in search.

  • /docs/guide-developer/using_the_sdk
  • /docs/guide-developer/obtain.firmware.sdk

So can we merge those articles and redirect from old to new one?

Yeah, they can be merged, just leave a link to the merged article in the article you remove to work as "redirect".