Meraki Z1 Build


Why is there no new builds past 19.07.10, for the Meraki Z1? It should still be supported, theres plenty of space on the device.

probably not converted ar71xx -> ath79.

What would it take to convert it?

@Leo-PL was looking at porting this to ath79 along with the MR18 as they share a lot of code and it was in the staging tree they were working on for the MR18.

If you look at there's a Z1 configuration that I do not have a Z1 to test with.

There's a dts here:

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so most of the conversion has been done in the mr18 being converted from swconfig to DSA, just need someone to test the z1 and build it from the staging tree above.

I see. Either way, why was this not done to begin with? Seems to me the MR18 is also missing builds

23.05.3 for MR18 is here, was missing since 19.07.10
I've not been able to pick up a Z1.

I'd love to contribute one to the effort. No strings attached. Please respond privately if interested.

I've gone and picked up one of these to build with, 9 Euros a month for 6 CPU, 26GB RAM and 300GB SSD:

Currently compiling, then I'll start testing on the Z1 @nc1 sent me.

attached the just compiled if anyone wants to test, still attaching serial to mine.

Oracle Cloud free tier is still free for life, AFAIK, but you're not getting a hexa CPU box for $0/mo.

nothing available looked there first.

Oh ?

In the past, they were only available in the Ashburn DC.
But I've had mine for 3 years or so, a lot might have happened since I signed up.

Oh an awful lot has happened, Oracle Cloud has removed vpses from me, claiming compromised and other stuff.
Never happened elsewhere but Oracle, go figure.