Meraki Z1 and 21.02.0 Stable

I do not see the Meraki Z1 in any of the 21.02 releases. Has the Z1 been dropped as a hardware target? It is not AR71XX based. It is however Atheros AR9344 architecture based.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


ar71xx has been dropped, no 21.02.0 images available.

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Devices need to be ported over from (the no longer existing) mach file based ar71xx target to the new DTS based ath79 target. This requires hands-on porting with the device and can therefore only be accomplished by its users. For many devices this has already happened, but more exotic devices may have fallen through the cracks (waiting for someone to pick it up again).

Thank you for your response. For those of us that have some knowledge of hardware and software, but not extensive as yours is, could you briefly explain how "target", package architecture, WLAN Hardware, WLAN driver and CPU relate to one another? I have never quite understood the details about how OpenWRT firmware and the underlying hardware interact.

Thank you in advance.