Meraki MR74 Page

Could we get a install page going for the MR74, and also Make it Known that the MR62, and MR66 are supported?

It's a wiki, it only contains what its users contribute.


Do you mean;a=commit;h=811538ab2240f3d0a62312f0050b607f1154bf47

Apparently the install process is the same as MR33,

But as I own neither device I cannot edit or confirm this

MR62 is the MR12, and the MR66 is the MR16 according to the forum, do these pages just need updating with the alternative shell design?

Correct. And LuCI also needs updating. Same goes for the MR32 build being used for the MR72.


it seems the data entry for the MR74 hasn't been updated for a while.
It contains some contradicting information.

Do you still own the device?
Can you confirm 23.05.3 is supported?