Meraki MR33 - Wifi adapters

How does OpenWRT make use of the wifi adapters?
I´ve read somewhere that one of the adapters is used to scan the network and is used for the auto configuration of the other adapters, but which one? How does it have to be configured?
Also, is it possible to get the max speed of 1,3 Gbps, as advertised for the stock firmware?

They're 2 WiFi adapters (one 2.4 and one 5.4) that can be configured and used like any WiFi device.

You read wrong. WiFi is disabled by default in OpenWrt.

Not sure how a device with only 1 Gbps would obtain speeds greater than that.

These "marketing claims" of rates are generally aggregate over all adapters at the highest rate, and generally don't include the overhead or any of the other effects of real-world operation. You certainly can't push 1,3 Gbps through a 1 Gbps Ethernet pipe, if you can even get it in and out of the CPU.

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Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, but there really are 3 adapters, i see them via CLI and via LuCI. The first one reads "802.11bgnac" which irritated me. I read about the "auto configuration"-thing in this thread, see post #53 especially:

I was just wandering if anyone knows how this first adapter is supposed to work and how to configure it properly.

While this is true with Meraki OS, I am not sure if it is implemented in Openwrt.

Newer Cisco Meraki APs with a dedicated scanning radio are able to use the real-time Auto Channel algorithm. Since these APs have full visibility into RF conditions on all channels, the AP and Dashboard are able to make fast channel planning decisions in high-density RF environments.