Meraki MR33 stuck on Uploading Image

I had same issue, what i did was:

  1. run and leave it running
  2. Shutdown and Power on MR33
  3. It started immediately.

I'm actually having the exact same issue as the OP. Interestingly I also have the exact same USB-TTL serial connector. What I noticed, when I'm not connected to the MR33, I read 3.3v across both TXD and RXD, but when it is connected to the MR33 I read 3.3v on the RXD but 1.2v on the TXD. Does that seem normal?

I am suspecting this usb adaptor is junk, I tested two mr33's with the same result. Loopback test works perfect as does terminal output. But uploading image never gets a prompt.

I have a real serial port on this pc so will try get an rs232 to TTL adaptor and try again. what a pain!

FYI I used another USB to TTL adaptor, and now its working fine. This is a more expensive one and its based on CP2102 chip, so I think that HW-597 is just junk.


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