Meraki MR32 u-boot downgrade?


Im wondering if there ist a possibility to root the MR32.
My u-Boot version is incompatible. Is 2012.10. But I’m able to access the shell.
Is it possible to downgrade the U-Boot?

Or is there jo possibility to get my MR32 working?

Also I found openWRT file for the mr32. It’s called openwurt-bcm53xox-generic-meraki_mr32-squashfs.trx.
How to use this one?

did you read ?
doesn't mention a downgrade, but how to install openwrt.

I did all. I was so close. I got the MR32 download the bin via ftp but it wound install.

I talked in a different topic about my problems.

And I think there is no possibility to get an OpenWRT firmware for the MR32 right?

The is just the sysupgrade one and the weird .trx one