Meraki mr24 pci-ex radio card swapping

As the topic title suggests I am wondering about swapping out the supplied radios on the meraki mr24 access points.

Initially just want to know if I was to have 2 x mr24 devices in front of me could I swap out their cards and end up with 1 x mr24 with 2 x 2.4ghz radios and the other with 2 x 5ghz radios and would it require much or any software alterations to function??

I'm mostly just after the 2 x 2.4ghz radios in the one device as I want to use it for mwan3 with 2 wlan Bt wifi hotspots.

I already have a netgear r6220 setup for around a year now doing this with auto login script just fine but as my neighbouring wireless landscape changes I might struggle to maintain a decent link on the closest 2.

Just want to know if the hardware/software can handle the radio swapout without a fuss??

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Have you had any success with this?

I also wondered if I could replace one of the radios with a combo, or just leave it but replace the 2nd with something exotic like an RP2040 M.2 card and somehow use it for added processing and the USB on there for large USB storage. The idea being that the whole radio would be used as a logging and monitoring station. Any thoughts?

I see that there is some documentation stating the mini PCIe slot is non-standard on the MR24 but I wonder to what degree and how that is known. Perhaps the note only refers to the compatibility of other cards when using the original firmware.

The SoC used is from Applied Micro (??) (Cisco 1142 AP)

An IDT PCIe packet switch is used to provide the usage of multiple PCIe devices on the single host IF provided by the SoC.

A C2PC made 07/01/2013 specifies...

  • The original wireless modules use AR9380 (2.4GHz) and AR9390 (5GHz).
  • These modules will be replaced with ones using AR9381 (2.4GHz) and AR9380 (5GHz).

The two minipcie ports are non-standard as only the supplied Wi-Fi cards will work in them.