Meraki MR18 flash OpenWrt

Hello, I have recently got some used Cisco Meraki MR18's and tried to use method A from to flash OpenWRT onto them. However, I have got issues in when bootstrap the rootfs filesystem

Here I include some screenshot's and pictures of the error:


Did you read this section about how to determine which stock firmware is installed, thus which method to use?

Likely you have a stock firmware which is not compatible with Method A.

Hi Mk24,

You're right. My device have firmware is 25.11 and use Flash Method JTAG.

I'm newbin so Could you share me the JTAG device that I need buy to flash?

Dear AIC69420,
Thank for your information.
Could you guide me how to use and connect MR18 for flash firmware?

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Dear AIC69420,
I bought the JTAG device but it need to header 14 pin or 10 pin to connection.
Could you show information header and where you bought it?