Meraki mr16 on 21.02 no internet on client mode

meraki mr16 on 21.02 no internet on client mode

am I missing some new step here, all i need to use is the wireless client function, no other settings have been altered. on all previous firmwares I have done this exactly the same way, scan for a wireless network, connect to the desired one and enter security info.

in the status page is says connected in client mode and has IP address which is also showing in my router it's connected to.

It is about as basic a setup you could ask for and one I have done many times obviously.

Any help would be appreciated.

if you upgraded, you probably should reset your settings, since the device migrated to ath79.

Yes I have done complete reinstall using serial header on one of my devices that had 19.07.7 running on it and I also have another one which was running an early snapshot ath79 target which I did a straight sysupgrade on via luci.

both devices are behaving exactly the same.
I have tried both wireless interfaces.
nothing else has been altered this is from a brand new fresh install I have also re done the sysupgrade again on both now just to be sure.

everything appears as if it should be operational but there's no internet on the router it fails to update the software packages.

and what's error message ...?

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failed to download with code 8

sorted it.

forgot my main router is on

what a dingbat totally forgot I always have to change the I.P. as a first step it's been a while since I reconfigured any on this particular router. doh.

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