Meraki MR16 antenna connectors

so guys I have a Meraki MR16 that I need to mod and add external antennas.
You can see the full pcb here

As you can see on the images there are 2 dual band antennas only that connect to J14 and J13? respectivly.

the J15 - J16 seems to be for 2.4GHz
the J17 - J18 seems to be for 5GHz

Does anyone know if it's possible to solder ipx connectors there and use them with 4 individual antennas?
Is there anything else to be done? like remove a ressistor or anything else?

You'll see a lot of unpopulated solder points for SMD resistors and capacitors which would need to be populated to use those alternative signal paths (and some others to be removed from the combined u.FL port) - basically, if you have to ask, you won't be able to do it.

Soldering HF components is tricky and requires practice (or the joints deteriorate the signal), deciding which components to add-/ remove requires a deeper understanding of HF signals and electronic components.


I see, so I guess I'll try find some dualband antennas or a guy who knows to do this...
Thanks @slh, you were very informative

You mean UHF for 2.4 ...or SHF for 5.4...or simply RF.

I'm quite certain that modifying that antenna connection point is illegal in the US and most nations. Please let us know if this is legit in your nation - otherwise your questions violates the Community Guidelines.


Please don't accidentally microwave your: fingers, eyeballs or genitalia. You need to study basic Radio Theory and about the section of radio you're modifying. I suggest most Nations' Amateur Radio Technician's-grade test study material. I now remember why doing this does violate Part 15.

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Ok, even though I'm not in the US, I'm not aware if this is illegal in my country (I will check for it), however I don't think I broke the community's guidelines, since I have only asked "if it's possible".

Also, their is no need to be rude, since in my previous post I have accepted that this is something I cannot do and I will not.

I'm not being rude, what you're doing is extremly dangerous and can in fact microwave and roast those portions of your body! The fact that you think I'm being rude proves that you may need to exercise caution. Please find out - then we can possibly assist you.

So yes, I know of its possible - if you know if it's legal to be unlicensed and modify radio equipment in your nation.

Soldier any connection you desire, DO NOT MIX UP THE PARITY (which end was ground), ensure any feedline remains same resistance (this then gets into cables and antenna systems not intended by the manufacturer - and not disclosed to us). Be advised, there's information necessary you haven't these are not instructions.

Lastly, due to the wavelength of UHF and SHF waves, cables longer than manufacturer's will likely have issues. You also have to make sure you don't make your cable a resonant part of the antenna system - THIS IS HARD ON UHF; AND ESPECIALLY SHF where you only have millimeters to work with!

So obviously, the manufacturer made these totals and calibrations before mass producing that radio design...SO I ADVISE NOT TRYING TO CHANGE IT. After changing it, you may run into other rule problems about the device or its modified state, so I will not proceed further.

(the above information should not be solely used by anyone abroad to modify a radio - it is pseudo-jargon)

If you have any questions about the above, don't proceed!

I think you should study it, if you have to ask.

When I was a n00b radio licensee, I roasted the surface of my right pointer finger - hitting transmit on a HF was due to the...antenna system! :wink:

I'm not being rude, trying to save your life...and generations. Study it!

@lleachii, reading your post feels like you are screaming not to do any modifications. Thank you for your guidance, I understand that this is pretty dangerous for my self to do and I am not going to do anything (since I have no knowledge on the subject). I was hoping it was as simple as "solder 2 u.FL connectors there, break the connection there and you are done", but this is way more complicated that I can handle.

Sorry for calling you rude, I misunderstood what you wanted to say.

best regards

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Not screaming, but glad you gleaned the severe warning.

It should be as easy as you describe; but I think you're not going to obtain the performance you believe due to the connector and subsequent cabling you'll use.

You could actually end up with little to no reception on the 2.4 and 5.4 bands. You'll need to understand the:

  • antenna system more

The main concern is that you can miscalculate - and all of your "antenna power" is lost into the connector and cable inside the router itself.

Thank you @lleachii for all the useful information.
I have a question, it's really hard to find dual band directional antennas, so what happens to 2.4ghz if I mount a only 5ghz antenna (2x2). Can I use the 5ghz for ptp link and the 2.4ghz for ap ?

probably need a splitter, somthing like this

Mind you, you're going in circles here, router is combining/splitting internally, then your splitting/combining externally. You are going to get losses.

The MR16 looks like a half decent AP why are you tinkering with it like this instead of just getting a second AP for whatever your trying to achieve.

Such as single band directional access point for 5G band or a regular access point for the 2.4G

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The only reason is that I have several of these AP and trying to figure what is the most cost effective sollution for what I need.

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