Meraki MR12 low UPLOAD speed Wi-Fi

I've installed a new firmware to Meraki MR12 (21.02.3), and the problem is when I test a wi-fi speed I get about 130-140 Mb/s DW, but only 2-3 Mb/s UP.
So I take a UART and flashed a 21.02.1, but the problem is the same.
Then I flashed 19.07.8 and everything is working fine.
The DW/UP speed are mostly the same 130/140 Mb/s.

I'm new in this forum, and I don't know where to report the bug.

P.S. Sorry for my English :wink:

I've upgraded to the newest OpenWRT 22.03.0-rc6 r19590-042d558536, the problem is still present.
I've tested wifi speed ( LibreSpeed on server) the DW speed is between 130-140 Mb/s but UP is only 2-3 Mb/s.