Megas difference in version 19.07.4 and LEDE 17.1.04 in AC PRO

Hello everyone,

I have a Ubiquiti AC PRO v.1 with Openwrt 19.07.4 RECENT
installed and working with access to an external Wifi Client nearby. (Installs on an exterior wall well oriented to the Client).

Until now I had the LEDE 17.1.04 version installed with the highest speed tests achieved of 250Mb download and 190Mb upload.

Setting both versions as:
AC, Channel: Auto, Width: 80 Mhz, Power: Auto (Result 27 Dbm).
Country Spain, Distance: blank, Thresholds both with 2346.


With version 19.07.4 I have noticed that the speed values ​​have dropped compared to version 17.1.04 almost 100 Mb less, 140 Mb download and 50 Mb upload approximately.

I have tried to read through the forum and find if there is any version problem with AC PRO, if I have to adjust the installation with a new package or remove one that may interfere with the final reception power, my solution is clear using version 17.1. 04 without problems but there is always what left me something, no ...?

I give you details of my installation, thank you very much for answering and wasting your time,

Thank you so much,

(Regarding the data above, I have tested 21 Dbm of Power, US Country, distance 300 meters, without Thresholds, obtaining in the end the same results 250Mb of download and 190Mb with the LEDE version 17.1.04 with version 19.07.4 is impossible)

I don't know if it can help, for me (openwrt 19.07.4 / archer c50), choosing the channel changed the RX/TX Rate at the right for clients.
The 5GHZ @ channel 36 was better vs 149.

And 2.4GHz was better at 1 > 6 > 11, for example, channel 8, it was around 54mpbs and channel 1 was 144mbps.

One big difference between 17.01 and 19.07 is that the wifi hardware driver and firmware switched from the qualcomm one to the one provided by CandelaTech.

If you search the forum for "uninstall/remove -ct firmware" or something similar, you should find a dozen threads with info on how to switch back. That should net some of your old transfer speed back hopefully.

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Thanks darkmaxx1,

My reference was about a Wi-Fi Client that already works on Channel 100, 52, etc ..., it is already assigned to me when I connect and even if you change it, you will always connect to the channel you have, it is managed by the Client's Router, not yours.

However your comment is useful for everyone,
Thanks and regards

Thanks ergamus,

I have read some of what you comment and I do not clarify much, really.

I am not very master in Openwrt and I respect making the changes they propose.

However, I will continue looking for your references and I will comment on the results,

Thanks and regards

Hola ergamus,

Following this thread

I have achieved speeds that are acceptable or close to version 17.01
Thanks a lot,

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