MediaTek said that his wireless chip drivers will be transformed into the Open Source license

Yes, this is true, really :slight_smile: but nobody asks MediaTek to would transform his own MT76 drivers to an Open Source license.
If the management of OpenWrt has sent an official asks MediaTek about this topic? If not I would like to ask why?
The other question, why original firmware has better working radio in all supported devices by OpenWrt?

That's what I thought no one asked MediaTek if they would make their radio drivers available.

Source for this statement?

It was a joke. I like routers with mediatek chip but I hate mt76 drivers in OpenWrt.

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mt76 is not just OpenWrt-specific driver... it's the official, upstream (kernel) driver, see:

I hope you are aware of the fact that even mt76 has to deal with closed source firmware running on the radio MCU? Driver is not a problem here, open source devs don't have access to the whole software stack. Vote with your money and support more open chip vendors... oh, wait! So far, the only fully open source (software side) alternative is, everything else uses some kind of closed source binary blobs, somewhere in the software stack :disappointed: