MediaTek / RAMIPS SoC Read and Write tool


Is there any tool, like W&R_Tool V1.3 for Qualcomm, for MediaTek or Ramips SoC to manage manufacturer information?

we are switching to MediaTek SoC like 7620 7621 76X8, but I can not find any suitable tool to burn our own Serial Number or MAC Address into the SoC,

plz guide me,

Mac Address is in flash

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So is the serial number (in flash memory) on the MT devices I've seen. One place is in the U-Boot environment.

So, is there any tool to change wifi and ethernet mac address from flash?
even any manual example to get current mac or change it !?

Usually there is a "factory" partition in the flash. The location and method that the MAC is stored depends on the router manufacturer and how they defined it in their stock firmware. If you are the manufacturer it is your choice.

OpenWrt does not overwrite the factory partition but should read it to obtain the default MAC. Note that in OpenWrt UCI it is very simple to set up a MAC override on any interface with option macaddr.

thanks for your help, we are testing samples from many bulk manufacturers, like ZBT, Do you have any information about ZBT wifi modems and how they update "factory" partition in the flash?

This is information that the manufacturer would have.

It's likely loaded via a chip flasher in the factory to the partition. You would have to look at a copy of that particular partition with a hex editor.

thank you, Is there any USB driver for MT 7620 - 7621 - 76X8 for windows 10 ?
unfortunately there are plenty of drivers for MT chipsets but not for Modem types :frowning:

the factory partition cannot modified with a normal compiled openwrt firmware

but you can modify the sources

I've dumped the partition factory from flash,
if I edit the file using a hex editor and restore it, is it fine?
I'm afraid to brick the modem!

If the devices have U-Boot installed, boot it, and see if it responds to "4" to get the U-Boot command line prompt. If it does, "?" will give you help: look at "printenv", "setenv", and "saveenv". [edit: this assumes you have a serial console port on the device]