Mediatek Linkit smart 7688 flash firmware problem


I am working on Linkit smart 7688. I was trying to update the firmware but the flashing was never completed. I was on the wait window for more than 45 min.

The current situation is that both power LED and wifi LED turn ON steady. The host is not detected and I cannot perform any operations. Even trying to do a factory reset by holding the wifi button for 20 seconds continuously then releasing it, gives the same result (power LED and wifi LED turn ON steady)

Please help me for reconfiguration of linkit smart 7622.

Thank you in advance.

which one is it ? topic says 7688 ....

and whichever it is, how was it flashed ?

It is not the Duo model.
Let me add the link to it

I flashed it using the OpenWrt interface. System -> Backup/Flash Firmware

Also I downloaded the firmware file from the openwrt website