Media Server On Lede Project

Hi, I'm only starting with LEDE, Linux and I am generally just beginner.
I own Linksys WRT1900ACS and recently flashed it with LEDE I have managed to map external drive and files on it are visible on windows and android phone so this part is ok. The problem I have is smart tv from Samsung it's unable to see network shares from router external drive. I am thiniking it's something to do with the way the Samsung limited its network discovery capabilities pls correct me if I'm wrong but I think I need to start media server on my router and where do I start?

Pls help

You should probably install the "minidlna" package to provide a DLNA server that the TV will recognise.

config advice at least at:

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I am having problem adding media directory I am attaching jpg can you tell me what is my media directory?

The last two commands where successful with directory set as /dev/sda1 but there is one video and one mp3 file on the drive and it's not visible.

You have not modified the minidlna settings properly. Based on the screenshot, it expects to find the media directory in /mnt. Look into minidlna options, based on wiki it is likely "media_dir". If you have mounted the drive as /home, you should not try to say that the media dir is /mnt/home

I have never used minidlna, so that is pure guess.

In general, Openwrt/LEDE packages require some config settings after installation...

Ps. Alternative solution might naturally be to mount the external driver into /mnt/home instead of /home

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It's just that I don't know much about commands and linux but I have mounted with "home" instead of sda1 and now everything seams to be working fine thanks for all your help


Hi, I see that now when I compile from master (git:// packages libffmpeg-mini and libffmpeg-full are missing. There is only libffmpeg-custom that require a good know of audio video codecs.
Why this choise? Now setup a simple dlna server is more complicated.

@hnyman Do you know what codec I have to select on libffmpeg-custom to have something similar to libffmpeg-mini ?

Many thanks

No idea. I have not used the video/audio library packages.

Thanks anyway, I'm not find any commit about this on github so probably there is a problem with build system and dependencies.

I'm sorry I do not understand where I'm wrong ...
If I search libffmpeg-mini I find it on libraries

But if I go on libraries is not here

The reason is written on your screen. The same problem burned me two weeks ago, so I spotted it easily, this time :wink:

Depends on... in the upper screenshot. One of the prerequisites is "[=n]" i.e. disabled.

You have AUDIO_SUPPORT, but BUILD_PATENTED is disabled.

BUILD_PATENTED was enabled by default until a two weeks ago, but now that is disabled by default:

I toggled that on in my own build, and was again able to build kmod-fs-exfat that depends on BUILD_PATENTED setting. I spent some time looking for the reason, as it is not quite that obvious at the first glance especially if you have building the same package for ages :frowning:


Thanks to you I'm learning many things, thank you!

PS. I was also looking for kmod-fs-exfat :man_facepalming:, this commit creates many problems.