Meaning of

Dnsmasq documentation mentions:

Unbound documentation mentions:

What exactly are these values referring to? I presume they both point the the same value in UCI but couldn't find how to set them.

Background: I'm trying to have Unbound include the router's external IPv6 address as part of the add_wan_fqdn setting.

I'd be grateful for any clarification on what's meant here.

It’s a generic reference to, say, a custom hostname of br-lan.openwrt.lan, depending on your interfaces, router name, and local domain.

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Thanks @dave14305. Do you have an example of how I would use it?

uci set' ?

No, it’s only mentioned as a setting within add_local_fqdn for dnsmasq. You don’t set the name, just which (if any) option within add_local_fqdn to use. I don’t set that option at all, so the default is used (just hostname).

uci set dhcp.dnsmasq.add_local_fqdn="4"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
grep -e ^interface-name= /tmp/etc/dnsmasq.conf.*

What I'm trying to fix/work-around is that hostname/IP mapping for unbound. I've tried the other add_wan_fqdn options:

1: Host name on the primary address
2: Host name on all addresses
3: FQDN and host name on all addresses
4: FQDN defined by "iface.hostname.domain"

I was uncertain as to how option 4 would be triggered. The code snippet that you posted looks like it's a case of hostname (from system settings) + domain name (from unbound config) + whatever interface IP is.

I guess this kinda makes sense. But now I need to debug why I'm getting ipv4 addresses showing up when I specifically set wan6.