ME909s-120 firmware?

My provider did some changes in their network to support LTE-M and now devices with old firmwares can't connect to their 4G network anymore.

I need to update my ME909s-120 firmware to be able to use 4G. Is there any legal way to find the firmware update for download. Does anybody know any other way to resolve this issue?

some suppliers might offer the firmware, so try searching for that.
This supplier seems to let you download the firmware update package (if that is your card) if you register an account as "a registered company"

It should work fine as long as the company is real, so you can probably use the company you work for, or a friend's company.

In case you can't solve the issue and you will have to buy new cards, I recommend Sierra Wireless vendor because they offer firmware update downloads on their website without asking for logins and you can easily register if you need to download drivers or other documentation that you probably don't need (they ask for a company name and your job title and that's it, no phone numbers and they don't really check much beyond that)

Thanks, I need minipcie to m2 converter I think :slight_smile: I had my eye on those sierra devices for a while. Lets see how it goes. I will update the thread if I remember to when I succeed :slight_smile:

you will probably need to replace the antenna cables or add an adapter as well for that, as M.2 cards use a smaller connector.

You should be able to find them if you search "IPEX-4 to IPEX-1 cable"

for example this

btw, the page for the v1 version of that modem is here

So much trouble for 10% smaller.... :smile:
I assumed V2 firmware works on V1 device becuase the V1 page lists the V2 firmware also.. hmm...
I think I will get some EPIX-4 to SMA cables. It is sad that the different form factor have so man problems. It is not like they could not fit the larger connector even.... strange...

Did you find any new firmware?
The ME909s-120 supports firmware upgrade over the air.
Take a look at the FOTA commands in:

No I could not, can you give a working example?
Because in practice FOTA usually does not work so easily.

I found some more detailed FOTA instructions HUAWEI ME909s Series LTE Module Application Guide-(V100R001_04, English).pdf and first step is

Consolidate the modules
information which firmware need to be
upgraded and provide it to Huawei FAE.

so no, it is not an option to use FOTA update.