mDNS repeater using mdnsd / mDNSresponder?

I am using some mdns-enabled equipment in my network. The network is segregated into several /24 networks, routed by openwrt. to support mdns discovery across internal networks I would like to run an mdns repeater on open wrt.

I have seen that openwrt implements mdns with 3 different implementations:

  • umdns: seems to be work in progress, I just need a simple repeater that is stable
  • avahi: seems to be flaky bloatware, at least from what I get from forum postings and friends
  • mdnsd / mDNSResponder: seems to be the first alternative for me to use

So I installed the package "mdnsresponder".
I am not sure if mdns and mdnsresponder were running on my openwrt before, but I did not start them! I just never looked for them before today.

From what I get from public documentation, both, mdnsd and mDNSResponder are the same beast?!? So why are they running both at the same time?

Just running them did not do any mdns repeating. I have not found documentation (and did not look into the source code) or description that would explain how to use this as a mdns repeater.

Is it at all possible to use mdnsd and/ or mDNSResponder as an mdns repeater? If so, how?

Hi Did you ever find a solution to your query ?
I am asking myself the same and struggle with lack of info and doc, and ... understanding :slight_smile:



This topic should help.

i am now using avahi-daemon with


plus the opkg smcroute for SSDP and CoAP (you will need to configure all routes you need).

Additionally a custom firewall rule to bridge SSDP (so they don't get discarded after being routed, as their TTL is initially only 1):
iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -d -j TTL --ttl-inc 1

There is still a problem with some Apple protocols, where the announcements time out before new ones arrive. You will see smart speakers going away and re-appearing all the time, as well as devices in the smart home app. I haven't found a solution for this, albeit I had been wiresharing this a lot to find a solution.

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