Mbits, or MBits- bits or Bytes in graphs?

There is confusing inconsistency in the wireless graphs. In the graph, it lists the speed in MBits (Bytes) but below the graph it lists the speed in Mbits (bits)

Yet they both list the same value so obviously one of them is wrong.
(Version 19.07.1 with Luci - Bootstrap)

This is wrong, there is no such thing. They both are MegaBitsPerSecond. The confusion would be if there was MBps or MB/s, but it is clear that both are calculated in bits.

An upper case 'B' is supposed to indicate Bytes. Typically (but not necessarily) used with storage sizes.
A lower case 'b' is supposed to indicate bits. Typically (but not always) used with transfer speeds, particularly serial.
Since this is for WiFi speed, I'm pretty sure its being measured in bits especially since it is spelled out, and thus they all should be lower case 'b'.
Mostly, I'm just being OCD :woozy_face: but it did confuse me very briefly at first glance. Hardly the first time I've seen this done wrong.

I agree, however in this case it is merely the presenting style, not the essence. On the other hand, since the horizontal axis is with lower case b, I'd expect it to be the same in the vertical too, or both in capital.