Mayor build system malfunction?
Was a little surprised today to find this in the build system user guide.

I can’t remember seeing anything about this problem here in the forum!?
Or having experienced any fault last weeks my self?
And what have changed to result in this fault? Both git and linux is pretty old and well tested…

Is there any plan to fix this problem?

And does he mean you should check the buildroot write permissions or is there any other checkout folder that are supposed to be checked?

What "major malfunction"? "plan to fix" what?

The advice about umask 022 has been around for years.
And the prerequisite check even checks for it.

My own "create OpenWrt repo" script sets the umask for 022 before the git checkout, just in case the Ubuntu host would have something else.

So if the whole world knows about it, why did someone make a bugreport three days ago and wrote a warning about it in the user guide?