Maximum SSID in E5600


I am thinking of buying an E5600 but I am a bit concerned about the number of SSIDs it can host?

Currently I have a Mi Router 4C with OpenWRT and it has 4 SSIDs and I need another SSID but I can't create another one.

Anyone has this device? Could you test it for me before I buy one?

Thanks in advance!

Probably not, as it's also a MediaTek chipset so would use the same driver. My Mi 4A Giabit says only 4 APs allowed on 2 GHz, and it's the same chip (MT7603) that is in the E5600. The 5 GHz radio does allow 8 but I'm not sure exactly which chip it is.

Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I need access point for my requirement.

Thank you.