Max number of SSID

Little experience report:

on my GL-MT300A iw says:
iw phy phy0 info | grep -i ssid
max # scan SSIDs: 4
max # sched scan SSIDs: 0

But I can operate 6 SSID. Problems only arise with the 7th SSID.

You actually want to look for "VAPs"
Don't grep the iw command, just look towards the bottom of the output and it will list how many VAP you can have.

iw phy phy0 info |tail
valid interface combinations:
* #{ managed, AP, mesh point } <= 8,
total <= 8, #channels <= 1
HT Capability overrides:
* MCS: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
* maximum A-MSDU length
* supported channel width
* short GI for 40 MHz
* max A-MPDU length exponent
* min MPDU start spacing
that means 8 SSID?
I get already problems with the 7th. SSID

You can have 8 interfaces, so if you also have any STA or mesh point those count against the 8.

I've never tried to actually run eight. The airtime needed for overhead such as beacon frames would be significant.


I have problems with the 7th SSID. These are difficult to describe. Everything looks good under logread-f. But on the client (Android and Debian) the connection keeps breaking off (several times per minute) and is being rebuilt. The first 6 SSIDs are working properly. If I disable one or more SSID everything is OK. The SSID, which previously had the number 7, then also worked.

The router (Gl-MT300A) has no STA or mash function.

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