Master wont enable when no client

Im trying to use a RavPower RP-WD03 with OpenWrt. Im a noob but I think I have it setup correct but find the master wifi wont start unless the existing "client" internet connection is present. This is a problem when I travel as I wont be carrying an ethernet cable to reconfigure it and the current wifi client network is not availiable.

So for example, when at home the client connection is connected to my home wifi and when its present the master connection is up and I can bridge to the internet via the AP on it. But if I step away from the house (or turn off the hotspot with internet) the Access Point never comes up so I cant connect my laptop to it to configure the connection to a.n. other wifi to share it.

Im sure im missing something as the default RavPower firmware does do this?

Use the travelmate package to avoid this. Travelmate will scan for the AP first and only try to connect if you're actually in radio range. If out of range, it will disable the STA so the master on the same radio can still work.

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Thanks! This looks perfect :slight_smile: