Master branch will not install anymore files below package/base-files/files in fw image


In 18.06.02 I could put some scripts etc. in
like a pre configured /etc/shadow file
which built installed in image

WIth master branch this doe not aymore work.
Any idea why, or is this the wrong way to customize image?

That is not the right way to customize the image...

The correct way is to put the files under the "files" directory in the buildroot root, not in inside the base-files package, (or alternatively to patch directly the original source files inside base-files & other related packages, but as some of those files are generated on the fly during the build, it is not always possible).

Just like wiki says:

(Ps. I think that if the files are put into the correct places inside the base-files source structure, they should still be copied, but I haven't verified that lately)

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I've used that location alot without problems....

Check the permissions..... Not sure what else could be causing your issue.... They aren't big files? Have you checked closely for build errors?