Master and Slave

I have 2 routers. 1) Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini and 2) Xiaomi Mi Router 4C. Miwifi is connected to a modem that has a 1Gbps line and all works great as shown in the picture. The slave router has been configured for different IP schemes so that I can be isolated from the main network.



  1. How to block all the requests originating from 10.0.* to access 192.168.*.. network keeping internet available.
  2. One of machine in 192.168 network has static address 111. what is the best way to configure domain name for that machine if any client put it should go to that machine on port 80.
  3. I have adblock configured on the main router that blocks almost 30K domains. what is best way to bypass this for slave network? 10.0.0.* should go directly to the internet without dnsmasq on the main router.

Thanks in advance

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Ideally by already defining the IoT network on the miwifi and using the 4c as (mostly-) dumb AP and (managed) switch. The wiki has information about setting up guest networks, which should mostly apply here as well.

Firewall rule on the 4c that drops all traffic from the LAN (IoT) with destination

Thanks for your reply. However, this is not working. Here are my settings

You have entered in hosts, not networks. (or /12) and

And source zone must be the zone where the network is defined, not device.

I almost tried all combinations.. somehow it was not working. Finally, I have to reboot the router and now it's working.

Yes, This is another way. My theory is more connected devices mean more work for that tiny CPU as it blocks a lot of ad servers. the second router is lying there for nothing and does not do any work :slight_smile: so deputed to manage all these IoT devices and later on have netdata agent so that monitoring can be done.

At the scale of devices on a home network, the firewall doesn’t require much in terms of resources to block inter-network traffic.