Massive latency spikes on default settings (Linksys 3200ACM)

OpenWRT version: 21.02.0
Modem: Motorola 16x4 Cable Modem, WHITE Model MB7420, 686 Mbps
ISP: Suddenlink
Location: South West USA

Late last night I installed OpenWRT for the very first time. I broadcasted my wireless signals, downloaded AdBlock and enabled a couple blocklists, DNS-Over-HTTPS and the SQM package running default settings. My internet was working so it seemed to be all good. Wake up this morning to play some video games and I'm getting extreme latencies that I have confirmed do not occur on my old router running factory software (Motorola AC2600).

Screenshot of latency tests:

Troubleshooting: Going through each modification I made last night, I reverted one by one. I have reset the modem back to OpenWRT default multiple times and this is still occurring without modification of any settings over ethernet. If I enable the wireless signal and test on my mobile devices, I see similar ping results. Both the router and modem has been power cycled repeatedly following each change I made.