Masquerade for gaming use

I have struggled for some time with poor game play because of bad hit detection. I have tried all the main stream suggestions on ISP routers like port forward and "just stick it in the DMZ"...Nothing seemed to work. I checked my internet provider and all seems ok.
I currently use an old openreach dsl modem attached to my mikrotik router running openwrt. i have added SQM and added a script to autoSQM every hour. my connection is very good A+ BUFFERBLOAT with 30ms. unfortunately even when sqm is giving me such great results my Xbox still gives me terrible results. (shoot 1st die 1st moments) recently i removed the shaping of my download traffic and left the shaping of my upload along with setting a NAT masquerade rule for my xbox so it gets my public ip address.
Not sure if this is placebo but my game seems to be playing faster and my hit reg feels better...
On a normal dsl reports test without sqm my download is very good but my upload is terrible, will using sqm for only upload be the best option?
can anyone help or explain if this actually does make a difference?
i have always had open NAT on Xbox and game. i have messed about with dscp and custom rules but this is the first time i have noticed a difference.
i have a 40-10 DSL connection with Sky broadband with MER DHCP.
Thanks in advance