Marvell selling its Wi-Fi business to NXP

Not sure the topic fits here, but Marvell is apparently exiting the wireless business and selling these assets to NXP (it surely is relevant for our community since the Marvell ARM devices are pretty popular).

Company statement here. Curious to see for what that will mean for FOSS support for the Marvell (well, now NXP) wireless hardware in the future.


Yes, and NXP sucks big time!

Looks like they do not even want to answer this publicly but here it goes anyway:

From: NXP Tech Support
Subject: NXP support case: #00378643: “[Community] Plan to Update Public Wi-Fi Firmware Available on”: Project “”
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2021 08:38:08 +0000

NXP is currently focusing on releasing (and testing) the latest NXP Wi-Fi chipsets driver and firmwares for NXP i.MX platforms.
Please refer to:

As we release the i.MX Linux SW using Yocto build system, anyone can find the latest wifi driver and FW on these repositories:

Some old NXP (ex-Marvell) Wifi chipsets driver and firmwares have been upstreamed to official Linux kernel in the past:

But unfortunately, NXP has no plan to update these official kernel driver/firmwares for now.


Oh man, this is so sad, but unfortunately users have no plan to update their device to a new device which will likely also get abandoned drivers 24 months later.

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