Marking dscp for certain addresses

Another user suggested I use this forum to ask this . Ripped from the thread it came up.

Does anyone know the proper way to have router mark packets for the ethernet/wireless interface so that when they go to my devices that the marking are sent. I keep getting 0 for certain traffic when 48 should be there.

iptables -o postrouting -A OUTPUT -p udp -m udp -d 192.168.X.XXX --dport 8000:26000 -t mangle -j DSCP --set-dscp 48

I admit, I’m noob but my madness in regards to tweaking for bufferbloat is done with getting this command right.

Have a look at:
That might help you to integrate your marking with the firewall.
Actually testing that for its usability with sqm/qos is still on my todo list, so if you beat me to it, I would be a happy camper :wink:

I find it's helpful if you need it.

Windows is good in QOS if you can enable and get packets sent to it that have dscp tags.

If I get the command down right again will repost it, had it once but lost it due to windows 10 forced resets.