MAP-T in Openwrt

Hi Friends,

I have few doubts regarding MAPT configuration. I have added map and map-t[nat46] packages and my device is up and running. I am successful in configuring mapt with following,

  • Static Configuration [edit /etc/config/network] :Single BMR[Basic Mapping Rule] configuration
  • Dynamic Configuration [via dhcpv6] - Single BMR and Single FMR.

Now I am facing issues with configuring multiple BMR & FMR for mapt interface and multiple domain.
Could some one help me with the configs?

Following are my observation,

  • Only one BMR can be configured for a MAP-T interface [Each BMR will be associated with unique interface]
  • FMR can be configured only via DHCPV6
  • Each map domain required unique wan interface

Can you please check and confirm whether my observation is correct?

Cisco has a tool that is good (but a bit flawed; sometimes it errors) for generating ISC DHCPv6 server options for MAP. This is useful in defining DMRs.

Did you manage resolve the issue you described?