Manual for packages or how to set them up?

New here, but the question is i downloaded and installed openwrt easy as installing arch on raspberry pi
and downloaded some packages like adblock dnscrypt-proxy v2
So what do i need to do now ?
Is there a manual how to set the packages up, and where do i find them on my system do i need cli for that like in normal linux repo's ??? unclear how this worxs if i need to use cli and there i no setup instructions i am better of going back to some normal distro do not need the gui to be honoust could do all headless and logs to other machine ???
So really no clue what todo and i know i am going the easy way for now, but it will probably be completly overwhelming for a linux newbie

Search and the wiki are your friend.

start here : opkg

You can install / manage packages from luci web browser or even use it from command line.

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Packages in general isn’t necessarily even made by OpenWRT like for example rsyslog or OpenVPN so OpenWRT doesn’t have support or documentation for all the package.

Therefore many packages have their own websites with their own documentation and support.

The official manual for AdBlock and EasyRSA is in Github, some like AdBlock is under the GitHub OpenWRT packages page but EasyRSA is under OpenVPN Github page.

But this I would say this is the actual strength with OpenWRT that anyone can make packages as add-on.

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