Managing DNS Server for devices

Hey there! I'm currently using AdGuardHome as my DNS server. I set the DNS server via Network > Interfaces > Lan > General Settings > Use custom DNS servers. What I see in my devices is the router ip and not my DNS server. But the router ip forwards it to the dns server. Meaning it worked. But I wanted my devices to show the DNS Server IP instead of the router IP. How do you do that?

Then you need to add option 6 in DHCP settings of the LAN interface.

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Trendy, just wondering, I used Adguard Home for a while and I have now switched to Adblock.
The approach of Adblock is a little different, it basically hijack the DNS queries with these firewall forward rules:

Are there any benefits / disadvantages to either approach?

It is an extended implementation of the dhs hijacking documented in the wiki.
The main benefit is that you enforce the adblock to some applications or OSes that have hardcoded nameservers, e.g GoogleDNS in Android.

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