Managing Bandwidth and Blocking Sites: How to Balance Your Home Network?

I wanted to know how I can control the bandwidth of a certain device. Being able to control how many megabytes it will have and doing this with each device on the network, so that each device has a certain amount of internet. This way I managed to equalize my network. I also want to know if I can block specific sites on a certain device, like Facebook or something like that.

hi you can try adguardhome for block many site and filter

That might not be a very good idea, for example you have 1000Mbps line, and giving only 50Mbps each with 20 devices, when there are only 1 or 2 devices active (or others not really doing much thing), the bandwidth wasted.

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You could start with sqm-scripts with the per internal IP fairness configuration, which would give each internal IP address an equitable share of the capacity, that is each of N simultaneously active devices only gets capacity/N. That is not exactly what you ask for, but closer than the default behaviour of OpenWrt. So this might be a useful first step to buy you some time to reaserch a better solution, or it might even be 'good enough....

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Hi to do what you want to do you need to use Gargoyle. Witch is an OpenWrt fork! quotas to manage your bandwidth are a big part of this fermwair. You can read more about it here:
It's not a dodgy build it's bin around for years.
It does not keep up with the verry latest openwrt so some times it cant be run on the latest routers.