Management root password change

I have spent days, creating a new configuration using root and pwd root. I finally got the configuration working correctly and changed the the root user password from "root" to my final configuration password. I typed the password in a text document and pasted it two times. I hit save/apply and logged out and logged back in using the new password. After I logged back in successfully I downloaded the configuration and saved it as my baseline configuration file, OVERWRITING my previous baseline configuration file since I was sure that I could log back into it. Guess what, now I can't log back in with the password that I pasted/saved/and tried before overwriting my baseline config. Is there a way to get in to unscrew what I didn't screw up. I am not spending anymore time with this.

Okay I managed to get into the box with SSH without a password since I put my private key into SSH access before. I tried "set user root password XXXXXX" enter and it didn't tell me no. How do I save this? I can't find any cli references in any documentation.

On the command line

passwd {username}

Thanks fantom-x, I just figured it our before I saw this post. I found it in installing a LEDE snapshot, I appreciate your response!