Management Platforms for Thousands of OpenWrt Routers?

I did various custom management services for different hotspot providers, hundreds of devices. Did openwrt firmware only, UI done by providers themselves. Not open source, though. In case of interest, PM, pls.

Good to know that, We have developed couple of Cloud management solution for OpenWRT devices. So let me know if you need any help.

I'm interested in chatting about this further if you have a solution already in place?

I'm looking to manage custom OpenWRT routers along the lines of TR-069 for our small ISP.

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Thanks, Yes, we do have. I have sent you PM. Would you please check the same?

Do you plan to make some development public ?

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Haven't decided yet!

I'm sure the community may be a lot interested in such tools.
In fact I am also interested for private usage...
May we be in touch directly ?

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Thanks,Good to know your interest and review about same.
Sure, sent you the contact detail.

pls send me your contact PM. i'm interested openwrt with cwmp.

Freifunk Berlin can be seen as a none-commerical wireless ISP. Some of us use ansible to role out images over the complete network:

Works great with the imagebuilder and is reproducible.

Thanks @pragu Please check your PM