Management Frame Protection vs SAE

Can the developers reconsider not enforcing Management Frame Protection on SAE?

  1. A lot of devices with older Radios does not support Management Frame Protection
  2. Older Client Devices does not support Management Frame Protection

Protected management frames are part of the WPA3 spec so that would seem unlikely to change?

Thing is I have seen commercial Wireless Router with WPA3-SAE without MFP

WPA3 as a standard hard-depends on IEEE 802.11w being active.

While you can use SAE without pmf/ mfp, that is no longer WPA3.

It's not enforced in Openwrt, you can configure ieee80211w to 0. This will disable 802.11w for the given VAP, even when it's enforced by default for sae|owe|eap192|eap-eap192.

If I am not wrong LuCI forces it to be enabled

You can disable it using the Dropdown depicted, although i would strongly advice you to upgrade to a more modern router, as the TL-WR1043 v1 is the only widespread ath9k device which does not support 802.11w. You will also run into troubles, as newer devices might require 802.11w to be enabled.