Manage Rule on Passwall

I try to setup Passwall on OpenWRT service using LUCI
There is 3 condition that I want to setup,
First, Everyone first time connected is unable to access any site(s)
Second, Some Registered MAC Address is able to access any site(s) with Shadowsocks Node
Third, Some Registered MAC Address only able to access the site that is registered in this rule with Shadowsocks Node
What should I do ? Please help me with this setup, Thank you.

Start by removing the annoying formating in your post.

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Remove already, Could you please teach me how ?
thank you contains some valuable information about asking for help in a way which makes it easier for other people to help you.

If other people can understand what you're asking, you're more likely to get a response. If other people struggle to understand what you're asking, then your chances of assistance are lower.

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