Malformed package?

I followed silentcreek’s advice and finally got my package up to the router and tried running the install but the router replied back with a message saying my package was malformed?

Can you provide more context? What was silentcreeks advice, what the package involved and what has been reported by opkg upon install?

I think he's relating to this topic here:

where he asked about how to get a package to a router that doesn't have internet access and I suggested to use pscp (as he mentioned to have PuTTY installed).

Well, now that he seems to have succeeded with transfering the file, the question really is what package this is... I just assumed it was a package from the repository, but maybe it's not? XL2TPD package needed

...where it's not sure which architecture (CPU), repository, etc. to download from (I didn't add there - that I thought pre-compiled firmware and packages were at since other links were given). It could also be a needed a package like the C Library. There seems to be placing issues in different threads, but it's all one problem.

If they could get Internet on the device, this would be even faster:

opkg update
opkg install xl2tpd


Yesterday I had a difficult time adding a l2tp package after uploading the lede firmware to my wrt2900acs. Unfortunately, the wan port that connects to the isp needed the l2tp package. Unable to browse the lede update site I had to manually find and apply the package. Today after returning my legacy router to the gateway side of my lan I was able to config the Linksys to act as a bridge router and update and install the package. Now I’ve returned the Linksys to the gateway position and enabled my wan port to run l2tp but its not connecting?

Is there something else I need to do to enable this to connect to my isp?

Syslog is reporting that Desmond.debug(1218),no such tunnel ‘l2tp-wan’

Thanks again!

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