Making GNU Stow available on OpenWrt

On the servers and workstations I manage, I like to use a git repository to version control my various configurations and stow to manage the symlinks into the git repo. This allows me to be up and running on a fresh system with a simple git pull and ./ I want to apply this same methodology on my OpenWrt router, but I don't see stow available in the opkg repository.

Is there another repository available that provides stow, and how do I add that?

If not, is there a way to make it available? I've tried building it from source on my router, but I don't have enough disk space to do it.

Is there some other method to version controlling my configuration that I'm missing on OpenWrt?


You would have to define a package for it and build it on a build host. It's "virtually impossible" to build anything of significance on an OpenWrt system itself. Not knowing the format of the source, it's hard to point out a template, but there are many under the various feeds/ subdirectories that probably handle the complexities of GNU autotools and config relatively cleanly.

I manage it with cd /etc/ ; git init . ; git remote add ... as pretty much everything related to config is in /etc/ somewhere. Adding /etc/.git/ to /etc/sysupgrade.conf means it survives an upgrade as well.

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