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I am a new OpenWrt convert (abandoning pfsense, don’t think I’ll ever look back) and was reading about hardening the installation

Although the information was great, I was a bit put off by the running gag there, the mention of Katy Perry pictures. Not every reader of the documentation will be male and heterosexual, or maybe they are not comfortable with the idea of sexual content depicting women as sex objects, or potentially have a particular dislike of Katy Perry. Using such language in one of the first articles new users read does not feel very welcoming for anyone not stereotypically associated with more advanced tech subjects.

I think a more neutral joke (cute kittens, skateboarding squirrels) would be just as effective and would be more welcoming to a more diverse audience.

I would be happy to do the update myself if needed.

Thank you,

stereotype 'neutral' is a euphemism for lacking diversity and acceptance. the fantasy utopia you depict is a world void of acceptance, tolerance and culture.

if you'd prefer, i've got some dalai lama pictures if you want them?

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You are welcome to contribute:

Done, changed to something more neutral.

Thank you , much appreciated.

now back to getting my DNS forwarding working correctly...

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