Making Apple Airplay work with isolated networks

So I have a pretty basic setup, im not using VLANs, only different subnets.

I have: - TV with airplay - Devices that need to be able to Airplay to the TV, but only airplay, not talk otherwise.

I have a different firewall zone for these two networks.
Has anyone done this and can give me some tips?

If i have NOT setup firewall-zone-forwarding from -> and viceversa, does it still work to make manual port rules between these 2 networks?

I am not a network expert by any means, but i know alittle more then the basics i would say, but not more.
Anyone got any tips?


Or do i need to manually open ports between the networks AND setup firewall-zone-forwarding between the two networks?

Hello there!

Everything Apple that have "Air" on their name like Airplay, Airprint, Airdrop and so on uses their Bonjour protocol running over mDNS. And mDNS is Multicast DNS.

And here is part of documentation:

"If you cannot discover an existing zeroconf service on your local network this is typically due to a multicast issue on layer 2. Sometimes the bridge between your LAN and your WLAN will block multicast packets. Also managed Ethernet switches can limit/block multicast packets by default."

And debugging this will make a headache... much better is to put TV on same subnet 99.0 and avoid all that.

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I see, thank you