Making a new theme based on TailwindCSS

Hello everyone,

I wanted to make a new theme for OpenWRT and I have taken a look into it but to be honest.. I am kinda lost. I wanted to add the look of Tailwind with a twist of myself.

And I don't really know how to do it. I considered the Material Theme as an example to look into but I am unsure.

Does a theme only consist of css and html files and that is it basically? Or did I oversee anything else?

Thanks in advance for any tips you can give me.

Yes, mostly CSS files, some small amount of JavaScript support code and a header and footer template.

Thanks for the answer.

I understand now what needs to be done but I think that way I am limited to the pure design of the look of OpenWRT.

Is there a way to manipulate or change the layout in a way that allows me to make a common design which looks good on mobile devices, too?

For the start I will just make the theme. But I wanted to do more. I would really like to bring OpenWRT forward in terms of frontend design and user experience.

No, there is no way to override the markup from themes (apart from DOM manipulations using JavaScript)

In this case, I will try to manipulate the DOM. But in general I am interested, if it is actually a wish to change something about the general markup.

I really believe the current state is already aged. We have so many possibilities nowadays. To make the UI good-looking on every device is a challenge but not impossible. I would really like to get into this topic. We are working on a similiar topic in our company, except smartphones are not on our list.

Is it okay to open another thread/topic in the future and share my work when I really would go into changing the markup?

For now, I just do a new theme and try the suggested manipulations instead.

Thank you so far!