Making a gateway with virtual machines

I have 2 VMS.

I want the VM#1 Openwrt to be the gateway of the VM#2 Ubuntu server. In network setting of ubuntu I have choosen Vmnet network same as Openwrt with connect on power on ticked. But I have no network in ubuntu VM.Network is working in Openwrt

Ok, then do it ...?


how to do it? that's what I am asking

No, you weren't.. ,)

Set VM1 as default GW and perhaps DNS in VM2.

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I tried this is not working

We can't help you with "it doesn't work", move on, provide more info, or find someone who enjoys playing 1000 questions.

Is the VM:ed openwrt externally (as in LAN) accessible?

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  • Make first interface Internal Network (Ubuntu should be connected to this network)
  • Make second interface bridged to Internet connection
  • Reset OpenWrt and it should get Internet by default

Provide details!


Openwrt has network. I have internet connectivity issue in Ubuntu.


You already have a thread: VMWare Workstation no DNS/Internet

In fact, follow my advice from there:

No need to make a duplicate thread.

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Good find, flagged.

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Openwrt has network connection via LAN. I want to connect two VM via custom specific network. But its not working.

  • Which one is it?
  • If you have connection via LAN, then your Ubuntu machine should be working
  • Please use the original thread - please do not make duplicated postings - VMWare Workstation no DNS/Internet

:spiral_notepad: Also, your VMWare Workstation network configs still appear unfixed:

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Use the link in the previous reply for further help.

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