Make the wrt3200acm custom

hi, i have no idea how this router is inside, but because when I compile, I do that without the firmware for radio2,i like to know if it's possible to remove this wifi card and use an ath9k dual band card.

if that is possible that will be great for this device.
just a 2x2 dual band ath9k card will be great for mesh and other stuff.

i kwon that the device will never work on official firmware, but I don't care.
that is the best openwrt router I have, but not the best radio drivers (ath9k).
i don't care too about 160 mhz wide channels

with wifi ax spreading... still asking for ath9k is maddness... anyway normally on consumer router, wifi chip are soldered to the pcb and can't be changed. (a quick search on google for the inside of your router would have made that clear) So you are stuck to shitty wifi. I advice you to just sell the router and buy a new one (if wifi is so problematic) :smiley:

really, I don't see any better drivers 2.4

I cannot sell it
the wifi 5 ghz is just fine, the 2.4 shitty.