Make the second router invisible to provider fibra

make the second router invisible.
Hi I share a fiber web connection with my brother on the ground floor (I'm on the 3rd floor) his modem router is the one connected to the provider and has an IP my router (the second one) is a Melon R658 (which I later saw in ssh as a Tuoshi v.2.5.0) and has the ip Now all the cool devices connected to the network of the first router obviously have the ip with 192.168.1.xxxx while all the cool devices connected to mine have the ip The connection between the two routers takes place via wifi with an AlFA AWUS036NH usb dongle which is seen by the primary router as The settings of the secondary Melon R658 router (it has an open wrt-like firmware customized by the Chinese) were made with the quick guide so everything works perfectly but if I go to the submenu of the MELON router under "Interfaces Overview" in the list of Networks I see that the USB Dongle device ALFA AWUS036NH (obviously with its SSID MAC Adress ip address is classified as WWAN? what does Wwan mean? (I specify that it is automatic. There are other modes such as WAN LAN BR LAN . Instead under MODE it is classified as a Client with the wifi SSID of the first router I would like to know if my second router has created a second network and to know if my second MELON router and all the connected hosts are not visible to the fiber provider If not, I would like to know how to make the second router and all its connected hosts invisible to the fiber provider

Since your device is running an "open wrt-like firmware" and not the official version of OpenWrt, you should direct these questions to the manufacturer of the router (or the maintainer of the firmware it is running).

I already contacted some time ago, but they responded elusively without explaining anything (I understand that they are disinterested)...

however what I asked refers to standard settings which are also inside the openwrt firmware. In the past I had a Chinese router ZBT WE1626 which I then updated with an updated version of openwrt and it had these settings too. The difference is that that had the option to use the opkg command; so I immediately downloaded the package in Italian. This router, on the other hand, does not have the possibility of enabling the opkg command (I also tried logging in with SSH but in fact the firmware is modified by the Chinese). Also via SSH I discovered that the Melon R658 is actually a Tuoshi R658. Tuoshi has released a firmware version 3.6 for its model. Most likely these are the same routers that were previously only branded Melon. Inside it is the same as the Tuoshi R658 in fact it has the same REALTEK MT 7628N chipset

Problem is, you're not using the openwrt firmware, but someting created by a 3rd party, we don't know anything about.