Make the power of wifi is maximum 20 dB not good

For wifi chipset end life time fast ?
I make wifi is 13 dB.
In my home 80 meter square
The wifi is good signal but if decrease or increase the power of wifi to 1 dB or 20 dB this damage chipset of wifi?
Example in Computer over clock microprocessor make over heat and damage the microprocessor.

No, though lowering power output might reduce heating, the chip shouldn't put out more than it's rated for, if you turn up power above what it's capable of it will just put out the max


if the home is small
make the power wifi is max. ?
or best 70 % power 13 dB ?

It is always best to make the wifi power as small as you can while still getting good performance.


but i think small power is lowest speed And less interference !

The best way to set your power output is to walk to the farthest point that you want to have wifi, and measure the received signal strength there using something like wifi analyzer on an android phone. Then adjust your AP power until you get say -80 dBm at this location. Then take your phone to this remote location and run a speedtest at and see if you get reasonable speed. If you do, your power is ok, if you don't boost the power say 3 dB at a time until you get a reasonable speed. If you can never get a reasonable speed at this location, you might need a second AP nearer to this location.

you should never be running your power output such that you get say -60 dBm on the edge of where your usage zone is, that's higher than needed and interferes with neighbors.


you are using faulty drivers aren't you?

some new device is used wifi Beamforming !
this is good for wifi range and Reduce the interferes !
I also heard that there is a new band 7.5 Ghz band now ( 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz only but new is 7.5 Ghz )
i think the 5 Ghz without more power can be Send to far locations But with the walls is very bad !
and the other new is ( LIFI ) can be used ( LI-FI ) as ADSL or VDSL the internet From ISPs By Light electrical Signal and Light !

Increasing Tx power on router is pointless as long as client is still transmitting with same power.
It is like shouting to someone you have trouble hearing. He might hear you better but you will still not hear him. (And you will annoy neighbours in the process.)

It is also quite unlikely that WiFi chip will not magically raise output from 100mW to 1W just because you changed something in registry. And illegal as well.

Start with checking if there are other networks on same channel.


i used channel 13 no any wifi in this channel.
only me used ch. 13

While theoretically correct, in the real world it doesn't always work that way.

I have found in the past I can get WiFi over a very long distance by boosting the router up to max, even if the signal back to the router is weaker.

The reason for this is if you are mostly downloading to the client, the router can achieve a higher send speed while the client only needs a much slower speed back to acknowledge each packet.

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