Make pppoe interface

Recently I install openwrt 23.03.4 on linksys e4200 v2.
After that I install it, I set pppoe interfaces (I bridged my modem). After I clicked on saved changes router booted. And now I see a massage and don’t have any access to router set up page.
Also I can’t see router’s wi-fi signal anymore.
How do I solve it?
I don’t have so much information about the network.

Not to nit-pick, but this version doesn't exist. Can you check what you actually installed?

We'll probably need to have more specific information about the exact changes you made. My guess is that you probably set the lan interface to PPPoE (that would break connectivity), but it's hard to know for sure.

You should probably try to get into the device via failsafe mode. then you can reset to defaults and start over.

Wifi is disabled by default on OpenWrt. Did you specifically enable it during your configuration of OpenWrt?

Try failsafe and the factory reset process:

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I changed Nftables support to On and it solved.

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